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NEW! Bring NFT traits details and filtering to your marketplace

Andrii Yasinetsky
April 18, 2023

We are excited to announce NFT traits filtering and details are now available across Mnemonic APIs.

If you’re creating an NFT marketplace or wallet experience, displaying the traits within a collection or for a given NFT enables your users to explore and find the NFTs they’re looking for with ease. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to access and organize traits for a collection or specific NFT without a significant amount of manual effort parsing through metadata.

To solve for this, we’ve brought better ways to work with traits into our APIs:

Get a summary of a collection’s traits
Our new Trait Details endpoint returns a list of traits for a given collection. You can use it to build a fully-featured trait filter control or trait search functionality to help your end users explore NFTs that have the traits they are most interested in.

Retrieve traits for a specific NFT
You can now easily get a formatted summary of the traits for a specific NFT using our GetTokenTraits() endpoint. This makes it easy to display a full list of properties to your users.

Get NFTs with specific traits
Our existing GetTokensByContract endpoint now accepts a list of traits for filtering returned NFTs, meaning you can surface a list of NFTs with specific traits with ease.

With these improvements, you’re able to easily work with NFT traits to create exceptional NFT search/discovery experiences, or show trait details within your app. 🎉

🤗 We love feedback from our community!

ENS resolution is yet another capability we’ve added based on feedback from our community. Have more ideas for us? We’d love to hear them so we can continue improving our product.