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🦉 Mnemonic expands to the Gnosis Chain
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Gnosis NFT data API

Instantly access and integrate the Gnosis chain to your web3 wallet or dApp with Mnemonic, the NFT data provider that gives you complete, reliable, and scalable access to assets, wallets, and activities on the Gnosis chain.


NFT data, analytics, and insights APIs for the Gnosis chain

The Gnosis chain is built on Optimistic Rollups technology to offer a highly scalable and cost-effective L2 platform. With seamless compatibility with the Ethereum ecosystem and a strong emphasis on security, Gnosis provides a developer-friendly environment that enhances the efficiency and accessibility of NFT development. Gnosis is home of POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol) among other unique digital assets.

Mnemonic’s APIs make integrating Gnosis to your product as seamless as minting a POAP.

Add POAPs to your wallet, portfolio, or social dApp

Enable your users to track and show off their collections of POAPs or explore and discover the events others have attended. Bring support for POAPs to your product in hours not months with Mnemonic’s Gnosis API.

  • Track and show off POAPs in a portfolio view
  • Discover new events and communities by browsing POAPs 
  • Understand what events are hot amongst your community


Abstract view of a wallet with a POAP icon in the center

Get Gnosis NFT analytics

Instantly access and build with rich analytics data on the Gnosis chain. Get ready-to-chart historical data on collection pricing, sales, token supply, ownership and more with just a single API call. Or, surface trending NFT collections by recent or past activity.

  • Surface trending collections 
  • Track prices and sales activity
  • Understand ownership trends


Abstract view of an NFT analytics dashboard with a Gnosis logo

Quality data for delightful products

Power your product with accurate, reliable data at any scale so you can deliver and scale high-quality products and exceptional user experiences. 

  • Cached media for fast and reliable rendering
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • <300ms latency
  • Complete coverage of major chains and protocols


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Bring POAPs and other digital assets on Gnosis to your product

Get instant access to Mnemonic’s growing suite of NFT APIs and start building exceptional Web3 experiences.