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API Overview & Usage

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Foundational API

Instantly access any on-chain asset or event including NFTs, transactions, wallets, and contracts.


Get complete easy-to-understand details of every NFT, ETH, and ERC-20 transfer within a given transaction.

NFT Traits

Fetch formatted, categorized NFT trait data.

NFT Ownership

Instantly verify ownership of an NFT.

NFT Metadata

Get up-to-date NFT metadata. (Including both original URI and cached media URI where applicable)

Find NFTs

Get a detailled list of NFTs by owner, minter, or contract. **For spam labels and filters, use the Wallet Intelligence API**

Collection Analytics API

Instantly access ready-to-chart analytics on collection performance, surface trending collections, and get holder insights.

Top Collections

Surface a real-time list of top collections by price, sales volume, and sales count. Or, get a snapshot of top collections for a given timeframe.

Collection Owners

Get a list of all the current holders of a collection and quantities held.

Collection Details

Get complete contract or collection details, including off-chain imagery, descriptions, social data, and sales volume snapshots.

Collection Trait Summary

Fetch formatted, categorized trait data for a collection.

Collection Performance Analytics

Get ready-to-chart time-series data on collection performance and history of minting activity, prices, sales, and ownership.

Wallet Intelligence API

Everything you need to build an intelligent, secure, and personalized NFT wallet or portfolio experience.

ENS Resolution

Map ENS names to wallet addresses and vice-versa. (Mnemonic offers native support for ENS across our APIs)

NFTs by Wallet

Get a detailed list of NFTs owned by a given wallet address (spam filtering enabled). Responses include spam labels.

Collections by Wallet

Get a list of all collections held by a given wallet including the quantity held and date last received.

Transfers by Wallet

Get a detailled list of transfers for a given wallet address and other filter criteria (including spam filters). Responses include spam labels.


In addition to spam labels and filters available on select endpoints within Wallet Intelligence, spam reporting enables you to report an NFT as spam or not spam.

Marketplace API


Instantly access marketplace activity such as listings, offers, bids, and floor prices across a range of marketplaces.

Floor Prices

Get real time floor prices for a given NFT collection or token.

Listings, Offers, and Bids

Get an accurate and complete view of active listings and offer activity across various marketplaces for any wallet, NFT, or collection.

Pricing Details

Get details on floor price and most recent sale price for all NFTs from a given collection.

Audience Insights API


Identify, understand, engage, and grow your Web3 audience with wallet holding insights, segmentation capabilities, financial profiles, and more.

Collections in Common

See what collections are most commonly held amongst a cohort of wallets.

Audience Segmentation

Search for wallet addresses that meet custom segmentation criteria.

Wallet Financial Profiles

Get detailed financial and activity profiles for a wallet (or cohort of wallets).