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Foundational API

An NFT data foundation that gives you access to every NFT datapoint imaginable.

Transfer Insights (Pricing Attribution)

Enables you to get accurate pricing attribution and details on transfer events for standard and complex transactions. Data returned also indicates transfer type, whether the transfer was originated on a marketplace, the wallet and contract addresses involved, and all values transacted (both by the token type and aggregated normalized to ETH value at the time of the transaction).


The Tokens Service provides the ability to get NFTs by contract, minter, and owner (plus spam labels and the ability to filter out spam or filter by trait). It also provides the ability to retrieve summaries of a specific NFT’s traits, or retrieve owners of a given token and the quantity owned.

Contracts / Collections

The Contracts Service provides the ability to get details about smart contracts, including the decoded type and metadata. This allows you to get full details about any NFT collection.


The ENS Service provides the ability to query ENS Names by wallet address mappings and vice-versa. It also provides the full historical records of ENS names associated with a wallet address (or vice-versa).


The Blockchain Service provides the ability to query basic primitives of the Ethereum blockchain (such as blocks, transactions, logs, etc).

Transfers (deprecated)

The Transfers Service provides the ability to get transfer events by various criteria. Deprecated - we recommend using Transfers Insights instead.

Collection Analytics API

The easiest way to get deep, granular data on collection performance and chart trends with a single API call. Enable NFT discovery, show trends and build predictive models, or power your marketplace.


The Collections Service provides the ability to get aggregated collection and owner statistics as a time-series. Explore owners of a collection, token supply, and top collections by price, sales volume, and count. In addition, this service can retrieve summaries of all NFT traits within a given collection.


The Pricing Service provides the ability to get real time pricing and sales volume information for a collection.

Wallet Intelligence API

Everything you need to build an intelligent, secure, and personalized NFT wallet or portfolio experience.

NFTs by Wallet

Spam labels and spam filtering-enabled endpoints that enable you to get NFTs by wallet.