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ENS Lookup API

Mnemonic’s APIs offer native ENS support and dedicated ENS resolution endpoints, enabling you to seamlessly add support for ENS domains to your product without the extra legwork of interacting with ENS to do reverse and forward lookups.

Bring ENS support to your product in hours not weeks

ENS domains are rapidly increasing in popularity – in fact, between 2021 and 2022, the number of registered ENS names in use increased by more than 3x!

Ethereum Name Service names make it easier for folks to interact with Web3 applications, making it imperative that Web3 applications support them. With Mnemonic, you can instantly add native support for ENS to your product and improve your user experience.

Accept ENS names and wallet addresses interchangeably

No need to make calls to ENS to look up names and wallet or contract addresses before calling our API. Mnemonic’s API endpoints accept ENS names directly as wallet or contract addresses, making it easy to add native ENS support to your product.

Profile picture and an ENS name example illustration

Instantly look up ENS names and Ethereum addresses

Dedicated ENS lookup endpoints resolve current ENS names from their connected wallet addresses (and vice-versa), and return details on the start and end dates of any given mapping. Try it out with

Get ENS by <span class="link-arrow">address</span>

Get ENS by <span class="link-arrow">name</span>

Abstract chart of multiple people with ENS records looked up

Get comprehensive ENS ownership history

When your use case requires insight into past ownership or ENS mappings, historical record lookups are here to help. These enable you to get accurate historical views of past ENS name assignments. Try them out with

Get ENS history by <span class="link-arrow">name</span>

Get ENS history by <span class="link-arrow">address</span>

Abstract illustration showing history and lines of ownership

How to use Mnemonic’s ENS API endpoints

ENS Forward Lookup Tutorial

How to look up the ENS name(s) for a given wallet address

ENS Reverse Lookup Tutorial

How to look up the wallet address for a given ENS name

ENS API Reference

Learn how to start using ENS resolution in our API reference


What is ENS?

ENS, or Ethereum Name Service, is a distributed, open, and extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain. ENS allows you to map human-readable names like vitalik.eth to machine-readable identifiers such as Ethereum addresses, other cryptocurrency addresses, content hashes, and metadata (similar to DNS).

ENS domains make interacting with Web3 applications easier for end users, and as ENS domains become more widely used in the Web3 space, native support for them is considered a table stakes capability by many builders creating Web3 experiences.

Bring native ENS support to your product today

Get instant access to Mnemonic’s growing suite of NFT APIs and start building exceptional Web3 experiences.