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NFT Intelligence APIs for Web3

Mnemonic’s NFT data, analytics, and insights APIs enable builders and enterprises to bring reliable, differentiated, and safe Web3 products and experiences to life in days not months.

We solve the most challenging
NFT data problems

Advanced pricing attribution

Get accurate sales prices for swaps, bundles, and more.

Spam detection

Easily flag or filter out spam NFTs to keep users safe.

NFT trait details and filtering

Create delightful NFT search and discovery experiences.

Continuous metadata re-indexing

Dynamic NFTs? No problem. Serve fresh metadata no matter what.

ENS resolution

Natively support ENS names without the legwork of interacting with ENS lookups.

Image caching

Make slow load times and potential time-outs a worry of the past, get cached NFT media served by a CDN.


Visualize collection performance easily with ready-to-chart time-series data.

Marketplace activity

Get cross-marketplace listings, offers, bids, and floor prices with a single API

Explore our NFT APIs

Foundational API

A complete set of NFT data building blocks that provide instant access to every NFT datapoint imaginable.

Transfer History & Pricing Attribution

We solve for the trickiest pricing attribution challenges (i.e. bundle sales, swaps), and show how prices are determined.

Instantly get accurate sale prices and detailed transaction history by NFT, collection, or wallet.

Labels provide deeper context on each transfer event:

Transfer type (mint, burn, sale, transfer)
Transaction type - (bundle, swap)
Marketplace of transaction
Price attribution method
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Transaction Details

Cut through the fog of complex multi-party exchanges, bundles, and payment methods with 100% complete ground truth about every transaction.

With a single API call, retrieve the full, easy-to-understand details of every NFT, ETH, and ERC-20 transfer within a given transaction.

Labels indicate sender, recipient, and intermediaries within a transaction
Values of exchanged ERC-20 and ETH normalized to ETH and USD (conversion rate at the time of the transaction
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Tokens & Token Metadata

Reveals, soulbound, and dynamic NFTs mean NFT metadata is as dynamic as ever: don’t serve it stale. Mnemonic detects changes and continuously re-indexes metadata to serve it to you and your users fresh.

Trait details and filtering make it easy to display a token’s traits or create a delightful discovery experience.

We cache NFT media and serve it via a CDN for the speediest of user experiences.

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Collection Analytics API

The easiest way to get deep, granular data on collection performance and chart trends with a single API call.

Trending Collections

Surface a real-time list of top collections by price, sales volume, and sales count. Or, get a snapshot of top collections for a given timeframe.

Collection Performance

Get ready-to-chart time-series data on collection performance and history of minting activity, prices, sales, and ownership.

Collection Owner Insights

Effortlessly surface a list of the current owners of a collection and quantities held or explore historical ownership trends.

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Collection Traits and Filtering

No need to wrangle unstructured JSON - fetch formatted, categorized trait data. Create delightful search and discovery experiences within your marketplace with trait filtering, or simply provide an overview of NFT traits and their prevalence for a given collection.

Collections & Contract Metadata

Bring complete, continuously updated contract and collection details into your product, including off-chain imagery, descriptions, and social data that isn’t consistently available on-chain.


Marketplace API Beta

Build a cutting-edge NFT marketplace from the ground up. Instantly access activity such as listings, offers, bids, and floor prices across a range of marketplaces.

Cross-Marketplace Active Listings, Offers & Bids

Get off the hamster wheel of managing several unwieldy marketplace protocols and APIs and tracking the state of orders and listings.

Get an accurate and complete view of active listings and offer activity across various marketplaces for any wallet, NFT, or collection.

Floors & Trait Floors

Get floor prices across multiple marketplaces for a collection or for specific traits (coming soon!) to help your users make informed purchase and sell decisions.


Wallet Intelligence API

Everything you need to build an intelligent, secure, and personalized NFT wallet or portfolio experience.

Overview of NFTs by Owner

Create a complete, up-to-date portfolio view of all NFTs. Fetch complete details of the assets within a given wallet with a single API call.

Spam Labels and Filters

Create safer, more delightful user experiences by flagging or filtering out spam NFTs.

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Natively support ENS names without the legwork of interacting with ENS to do reverse and forward lookups.

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Audience Insights API

Insights to help you identify, understand, engage, and grow your Web3 audience.

Collections in Common

See what collections are most commonly held amongst a cohort of wallets

Audience Segmentation

Search for wallet addresses that meet custom segmentation criteria.

Wallet Financial Profiles

Get detailed financial and activity profiles for a wallet

Data you can trust, infrastructure you can rely on

Created by a team with decades of collective experience building large scale infrastructure and big data applications, Mnemonic offers industry-leading uptime and performance guarantees and can support products of any scale.

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