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🦉 Mnemonic expands to the Gnosis Chain
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Optimism NFT API

Get instant access to historical and real-time data on Optimism NFTs, wallets, transactions, metadata and more with Mnemonic's suite of NFT APIs.

NFT data and analytics APIs for the Optimism ecosystem

NFT projects on Optimism are rapidly growing in popularity as an increasing number of developers and creators choose to build Dapps and launch collections on the L2 network. As the Optimism network grows, so does the need for APIs to access, understand, and share NFT data, analytics, and insights on Optimism. 

Mnemonic’s powerful suite of NFT data APIs are available on Optimism, providing builders with a critical data layer making every asset, wallet, transaction, and collection on the Optimism chain accessible and understandable. 

NFT data and analytics for Optimism

Working with NFT data is hard, transforming raw data into actionable insights is even harder. Mnemonic makes it easy to bring data, analytics, and insights to your Web3 products – so you can build, ship, and iterate quickly. 

We provide instant access to wallets, transactions, assets, collections, and more. 

  • Advanced pricing attribution
  • Analytics
  • Complete, fresh metadata 
  • Cached media
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Track sales and NFT pricing trends on Optimism

Instantly access and build with rich analytics data Get ready-to-chart historical data on collection pricing, sales, token supply, ownership and more with just a single API call. Or, surface trending NFT collections by recent or past activity.

  • Surface trending collections 
  • Track prices and sales activity
  • Understand ownership trends
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Get Optimism transaction details

Getting NFT transactions, as well as NFT pricing attribution and insights on every NFT transfer is easy with Mnemonic's transfer insights API. We make it easy to find the key details you need without manually unpacking every transaction on Optimism to do so. Transfer insights bring you:

  • Accurate sale prices
  • Complete transaction history
  • Transfer and transaction type labels
  • Marketplace labels
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Build exceptional Web3 experiences with Mnemonic

Get instant access to Mnemonic’s growing suite of NFT APIs and start building exceptional Web3 experiences.