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NFT Metadata API

Mnemonic’s APIs provide a complete solution for NFT metadata, enabling you to access and build with fresh, complete, NFT metadata (including NFT traits!) on Ethereum, Polygon, and other leading chains.

Query and display NFT metadata and traits without the headache

An NFT’s metadata is what makes it unique. For that reason, we often hear that metadata is the “soul” of an NFT. Unfortunately, getting access to up-to-date metadata is no easy feat for developers who want to integrate it into their dapps or other Web3 experiences – and as the NFT universe grows (and the metadata comes to life with the advent of soulbound and dynamic NFTs), the task of accessing and normalizing NFT metadata continues to get more complex. 

The good news is, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you! With Mnemonic, you can stop parsing through contracts, wrangling unstructured JSON, manually detecting changes, and working with unreliable or slow 3rd party servers. For developers, Mnemonic makes finding, displaying, and even filtering based on NFT metadata as easy as a simple API call.

Fetch complete, always up-to-date NFT metadata 

Dynamic NFTs? No problem. Mnemonic automatically detects changes to NFT metadata and continuously refreshes it, so you can serve fresh metadata no matter what. No need to manually request updates, no matter how often a collection’s metadata is updating. We refresh metadata for various cases including:

  • Dynamic NFTs
  • Collection reveals
  • Soulbound tokens
  • In-game NFTs
Details of a single NFT and its associated metadata including imagery and traits

Get NFT trait details

Instantly get detailed summaries of NFT traits by collection or by token, without needing to wrangle unstructured JSON. Get formatted and categorized NFT trait summaries including trait types and prevalence.

Get traits for an <span class="link-arrow">NFT</span>

Get NFT traits for a <span class="link-arrow">collection</span> 

Search for NFTs by <span class="link-arrow">trait</span>

image showing a series of different NFT traits and attributes in a UI

Query NFT collection overviews

Instantly get a complete snapshot of collection details including descriptions, social data, and imagery, plus a snapshot of its vital metrics such as all-time sales volume, count of unique owners, and total tokens with a single API call.

Get collection <span class="link-arrow">metadata</span>

Image showing a series of NFT collection details

Explore Mnemonic’s NFT metadata API

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Start building with fresh metadata today!

Get instant access to Mnemonic’s growing suite of NFT APIs and start building exceptional Web3 experiences.