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The Polygon API for Web3 Builders

Access, understand, and integrate Polygon NFT data, analytics, and insights into your product with powerful APIs built for enterprise.

Mnemonic’s Polygon NFT API Features

As Polygon’s preferred NFT data provider, Mnemonic’s comprehensive suite of NFT APIs provide builders with everything they need to build, ship, and iterate quickly on Polygon.

Label or hide spam on Polygon

Spam is an increasingly significant concern for Web3 builders and participants alike. Mnemonic’s comprehensive, wallet-centric spam detection solution for Polygon enables you to effortlessly flag spam NFTs, or hide them altogether, protecting your users from potential danger.

Spam <span class="link-arrow">labeling</span>

How to use spam <span class="link-arrow">filters</span>

NFTs in a wallet labelled with an icon indicating spam

Serve fresh NFT metadata

With the rise in soulbound and other dynamic NFTs on Polygon, getting accurate up-to-date metadata is increasingly important, don’t serve it stale! Get fresh, ready-to-use NFT metadata, including contract/collection details and traits without ever having to parse through unstructured JSON or request metadata refreshes.

Collection and contract <span class="link-arrow">metadata</span>

NFT trait <span class="link-arrow">details</span>

NFT media <span class="link-arrow">caching</span>

NFT overview view showing metadata including traits and graphics.

Track Polygon NFT analytics and trends

Access and build with rich analytics data on Polygon collections. Get ready-to-chart historical data on collection pricing, sales, token supply, ownership and more with just a single API call. Or, surface trending NFT collections by recent or past activity.

Get collection price <span class="link-arrow">history</span>

Find trending <span class="link-arrow">collections</span>

Showing a chart view and a card of the recent performance of Sandbox's Lands collection

“Polygon knows that developers build better with access to quality data. Data that directly impacts how they approach creating exceptional Web3 experiences for users. That is why Polygon is excited to partner with Mnemonic to bring NFT data and analytics to developers' fingertips, to help them create, iterate, launch and scale with ease.”

Ryan Wyatt
CEO, Polygon Studios

Polygon NFT API FAQs

What is Polygon?

Polygon is a Layer 2 Ethereum scaling platform loved by builders, brands, and community-members alike thanks to its low transaction fees, lightning fast speeds, and unwavering commitment to security.

Why choose Polygon?

Why brands choose Polygon

Major brands like Instagram, Adidas, and Prada have partnered with Polygon to enter the metaverse. Polygon’s low fees are of particular interest for brands who want to onboard more consumers to Web3 through their NFT drops and phygitals. Meanwhile, rapid transaction speeds mean brands are able to provide the best possible experiences to consumers interacting with their campaigns. As sustainability continues to be an important topic, Polygon’s commitment to going carbon negative in 2022 is another draw.


Why builders choose Polygon

As an infinitely-scalable chain with a deep commitment to security, Polygon helps builders launch scalable and user-friendly products with peace of mind. Plus, Polygon is EVM compatible, meaning builders who are already building on Ethereum can easily start building on Polygon without a steep learning curve.

Bring Polygon support to your product today!

Get instant access to Mnemonic’s growing suite of NFT APIs and start building exceptional Web3 experiences.