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Build personalized, safe, easy-to-use NFT wallets

Mnemonic enables builders to bring powerful, data-driven NFT wallets and portfolio experiences to market faster than the competition by bypassing the NFT data and infrastructure complexities.

Everything you need to create web3 wallets your users will love

Bring powerful safety features, accurate pricing attribution, and more to your Web3 wallet with Mnemonic’s enterprise-grade NFT data APIs

Multi-chain support
Industry-leading NFT spam detection
Native ENS support
Best-in-class NFT metadata solution
Accurate NFT pricing attribution
Advanced wallet insights

Use Cases

Create rich, multi-chain portfolio views

Create a complete, up-to-date, multi-chain portfolio view of your users’ NFTs and ERC-20 token balances

Support all the major chains
Deep transaction details and accurate price attribution
Up-to-date metadata
Native ENS support

Empower your users with actionable insights and opportunities

Display key financial stats

Wallet and activity stats give your users a high-level understanding of their typical spending activity and where their holdings stand

Show actionable marketplace offers

Show real time marketplace activity and enable users to consider and take action on active marketplace offers on their NFTs

Display key financial stats
Show actionable marketplace offers

Protect users from spam and scams

Identify potential scams and spam to keep your users safe, without needing to manually monitor and detect suspicious collections. 

Wallet-centric approach to spam for best accuracy
Available on Ethereum and Polygon
Flag or remove spam and potentially dangerous collections

Drive engagement with data-driven recommendations

Take personalization to the next level by surfacing collections, communities, or other users your users are most likely to be interested in based on their activity, interests, and holdings.

Recommend commonly-held collections
Tailor content to specific segments
Surface trending collections

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