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For Brands

Web3 insights, analytics, and intelligence for brands

Understand and navigate in Web3 with confidence with Mnemonic’s Web3 business intelligence, audience insights, and real-time campaign analytics.

Understand, reach, and grow your Web3 community

Do you have the data you need to make your Web3 campaigns count? Don’t leave the success of your Web3 campaigns up to chance. Mnemonic’s web3 brand intelligence platform helps innovative brands and agencies make data-informed decisions and create compelling Web3 products and experiences.

Understand the market with industry insights 
Find and understand your audience with custom segmentation
Reach and grow your audience with audience and community insights
Measure your results with campaign analytics

Use Cases

Monitor Web3 trends and market activity

Keep up with industry trends, identify emerging opportunities, and keep tabs on industry benchmarks with real time web3 market intelligence and competitive insights. Or, track your own collection’s KPIs over time to keep tabs on ROI.

Get a birds eye view of current market conditions and trends
Learn best practices from top-performers in your industry
Conduct competitive research
Find and explore trending collections
View collection stats and activity

Form high-impact partnerships

Identify creators and crypto-native brands your audience is likely to be interested in based on their shared interests

See other communities your fans are part of
Keep tabs on evolving interests
See other communities your fans are part of
Keep tabs on evolving interests

Craft an effective Web3 pricing strategy

Make data-informed pricing decisions with deep insights on purchasing behavior and propensity to spend for any audience.

Compare custom segments
Examine your audience’s spending habits

Find audiences likely to engage with your brand

Generate lists of wallet addresses based on custom criteria for targeted airdrops or to merge with your Web2 CRM.

Create custom audiences
Explore audience behaviors

Access Web3 insights with or without code

Interactive Dashboards

Explore, segment, compare, and analyze the world’s NFT data with visual dashboards.

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