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The wait for complete, real-time NFT data is over. 🎉

Andrii Yasinetsky
April 18, 2023

At Mnemonic it is our mission to empower builders and brands with the data building blocks they need to build highly personalized and rewarding Web3 experiences for their users. Today, we’re thrilled to make those building blocks available to all with the general availability release of our Foundational API, a powerful NFT data foundation that enables developers to build marketplaces, DeFi applications, analytics tools, and more with NFT data. Mnemonic’s Foundational NFT data API provides reliable, real-time access to every NFT datapoint imaginable, making it an indispensable tool for anyone building Web3 projects.

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Introducing Mnemonic’s Collection Analytics API

In addition, we’re unveiling newly available capabilities with Mnemonic’s Collection Analytics API. 

When we announced Mnemonic and entered closed beta with our Foundational API back in December, we partnered with some of the most exciting NFT bluechip collections such as World of Women, Lazy Lions, and Gutter Cat Gang, to build one of a kind dashboards with our API. These dashboards provide deep insights into collection performance and statistics to creators, fans, and collectors alike and represent just one of an endless list of possible use cases for our Foundational API. The immediate response we received to the collection dashboards was amazing – people loved them and couldn’t wait to get their hands on collection analytics data. 

Given the amount of demand we saw for collection analytics, we wanted to offer developers aggregated NFT collection data with less complexity and fewer API calls. So we got to work developing our Collection Analytics API, which enables you to get collection statistics such as sales and price history, market cap, owners, or collection performance data including sales volume, average price, and changes over time with just a single API call. 

Today, we’re releasing V1 of the Collection Analytics API, the easiest way to get deep, granular data on collection performance. For more information about the API, please refer to our documentation. This advanced API is part of our enterprise plan, but for a limited time and in celebration of our GA launch, developers who sign up for our free tier can explore the power of our Collection Analytics API with 1000 free enterprise API calls. 

Ready to try it out? Get your API key today or schedule a call with our team to learn more about our enterprise capabilities! 

Why Mnemonic?

We founded Mnemonic to accelerate the evolution of Web2 to Web3 by empowering the innovators and pioneers paving the way forward to bypass the complexities of NFT data.

As builders and data scientists deeply invested in the crypto and NFT space, we’re keenly aware of the challenges developers face when building applications with NFT data. Getting reliable, quality data off the chain in real-time is no easy feat to begin with, but things get even more complex when metadata is required. There are countless different schemas for structuring metadata on the chain (and in most cases, metadata is stored off chain), and the lack of standardization makes indexing and normalizing this data incredibly taxing on developers. Finally, the NFT, crypto, and blockchain space is evolving rapidly; as new blockchain standards and protocols emerge, maintaining infrastructure and keeping up with these updates becomes yet another challenge. 

Our engineering team comes from Google, Uber, Reddit and other big data companies with decades of building and scaling data systems to millions of users and we are bringing this experience into Web3. We have built Mnemonic from scratch with our own code, systems, and infrastructure to end up with the fastest, most reliable, and comprehensive solution on the market.

What else?

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Also, stay in touch. We care deeply about our community and are excited to see what you build with Mnemonic. Be sure to join our developer community on Discord to share what you’ve been working on and follow us on Twitter to get our latest updates and news.