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Mnemonic expands to the Gnosis Chain

Heather McCloskey
July 19, 2023

We are thrilled to announce our latest addition to our family of supported chains: the Gnosis chain. 

Our Gnosis NFT data API enables builders to get direct access to the entire Gnosis ecosystem – any asset, wallet, transaction, and contract on Gnosis is just an API call away with Mnemonic. Our APIs make it easy to build high-quality user experiences such as wallet/portfolio applications, NFT marketplaces, and analytics tools powered by quality, accurate data served by a scalable and reliable infrastructure. 

About Gnosis

The Gnosis Chain, built on Optimistic Rollups technology, offers a highly scalable and cost-effective Layer 2 platform. Just like our other supported L2 chains (Polygon, Optimism, and Base), Gnosis seamlessly integrates with the Ethereum ecosystem and prioritizes robust security. As a community-oriented and developer-friendly platform, Gnosis has empowered numerous developers to launch innovative projects and protocols.

By bringing our suite of data, analytics and insights APIs to Gnosis, we’re thrilled to enable builders to tap into the vibrant Gnosis ecosystem and unlock new and exciting use cases for their products. 

The power of POAPs

Among the notable innovations and assets on the Gnosis Chain, POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol) stand out. POAPs are unique NFTs minted to commemorate event attendance and capture special moments in time. They have quickly become the "undisputed standard for collectible proofs of attendance" in Web3. Since their launch in 2021, over 6 million POAPs have been minted, showcasing the protocol's versatility and broad range of use cases.

Mnemonic’s Gnosis API makes it easy to support POAPs in your wallet, portfolio, or other experience, opening up a world of engaging possibilities:

  • Showcase POAPs in a portfolio view, allowing users to track and display their unique collections
  • Explore new events and communities by browsing through the diverse range of POAPs available
  • Gain insights into the events attended by friends, celebrities, or influencers through their POAPs

Bring POAPs and other digital assets on Gnosis to your product

Join the growing community of developers leveraging Mnemonic's NFT data APIs to build groundbreaking applications on the Gnosis Chain.

Gnosis support is available now for the majority of our APIs. if you already have an API key, head over to our API reference to get started with Gnosis. Otherwise, grab a free API key and check out our getting started guides to get up and running today.