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Introducing Mnemonic, the complete NFT intelligence platform

Andrii Yasinetsky
April 18, 2023

Today we are excited to announce the launch of Mnemonic, the first B2B NFT intelligence data platform, and our $4M seed round led by Kenetic with participation from Monochrome Capital, Sound Ventures, a venture capital firm founded by Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary, Tribe Capital, HackVC, and prominent angels from IntoTheBlock, Coinbase and

Mnemonic enables developers to instantly access and build new applications on top of our cross-chain aggregation platform and APIs. Similar to how Plaid’s technology platform powers fintech and digital finance products, our API data platform is a foundational component that can power any NFT-based application. By ingesting every NFT, every piece of metadata about every NFT and every transaction of every NFT, our APIs bring much needed clarity into the behavior of token owners and market dynamics, offering reliable and scalable search of all NFT data, cohorts and contract activity.

Although the platform is still in beta, we are excited to be trusted by some of the most respected NFT and blockchain companies in the space such as Dapper Labs, IntoTheBlock, Yat and Mintable as we begin to help power some of their propositions.

We have also partnered with some of the most exciting NFT bluechip collections such as World of Women, Lazy Lions and Gutter Cat Gang, to build a one of a kind dashboards on top of our platform and data which provide much greater visibility into their collections and open new ways for fans to engage with their communities.

We are excited to be building the ultimate foundational data layer for the NFT industry, doing the hard work once so that everyone else can focus on building the most amazing and inspiring propositions possible.

Our Why

We believe that we are just beginning to enter the next era of the Internet – the era of ownership and open data, and that within the next few years we will see an explosion of new applications that change how we consume, experience, own, and interact with digital content.

The future of NFTs is the future of digital ownership of anything, from luxury handbags to legal agreements to every piece of content on the Internet. NFTs invite radical new ways for people to participate in the openness of blockchain and information, and create the possibility of programmable relationships and new revenue streams driven by scarcity and uniqueness.

The open and permissionless nature of NFTs means that this technology enables win-win business models for a wide range of constituents, aggregation with value and opportunities being created in many different places--whether in the form of golden tickets, digital twins, in-game assets, metaverses or virtual stores. 

From large brands like Disney or Coca Cola to creators, NFTs offer a new way to engage with passionate fans and create life-long relationships that will transform how we decide what gets created next. This has a major impact on a wide range of industries, from gaming to finance to legal, including:

  • Real-world transactions, marketplaces, and wallets, i.e. selling luxury items on platforms like The RealReal with NFTs providing provenance and authenticity;
  • Fan engagement, i.e. owning the assets of a game while unlocking rewards for playing or getting authenticated access to a unique piece of content from Marvell or an individual digital creator, writer or musician;
  • Velvet rope access to virtual and physical experiences or benefits in metaverses;
  • Creator tools, content and how we update our online identities;
  • Transforming how we sign and track legal agreements in the digital world;
We built Mnemonic because we recognize the impact NFTs will have on the future of digital ownership and open data, as well as the need for more data visibility, actionability and accessibility.

We are excited to play a foundational role in the industry's scalability and data transformation in the years to come, transforming the enterprise layer of the blockchain by offering rich data, insights and infrastructure for the next era of NFT companies.

Our Team

Collectively, our team has decades of varied experience with large scale infrastructure development, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, and product design at iconic tech companies like Uber, Google, Nest, Reddit and B2B unicorns such as WP Engine.

We’re proud to be building a diverse team of engineers, creators, and entrepreneurs who are excited to pave the way for the future of NFTs. 

If you are passionate about information retrieval and processing, large scale infrastructure and distributed systems, data analysis and machine learning, blockchain, NFTs and the future of Web3 come talk to us!

Read more about our team and open positions.

Stay tuned

This is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Mnemonic as we are scaling the platform and are working with more partners and developer communities.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks:

Andrii Yasinetsky (CEO/Co-Founder) and Mnemonic Team