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NFT Marketplace activity at your fingertips! Introducing our Marketplace API Beta

Heather McCloskey
April 18, 2023

Did you know that there are more than 5 million daily marketplace listings and offers (including bids) activities happening on OpenSea alone? That's a lot of activity to keep up with, and OpenSea is just one of many marketplaces where people are interacting with NFTs.

Today, we've made it easier to keep up with the growing amount of activity taking place on various marketplaces with the beta release of our new Marketplace API, bringing you the easiest, most reliable solution to access and integrate comprehensive cross-marketplace activity and insights into your product. 

Our new Marketplace API makes providing this critical insight (accurately and in real-time!) as easy as a simple API call. The API will enable you to access both on and off-chain activity such as listings, offers, bids, and floor prices across a range of marketplaces, giving your users a complete picture of market activity at a wallet, collection, or NFT level. 

With it you can easily:

  • Show all listings, bids, offers, collection offers, and floors for an NFT
  • Surface all a user’s NFTs with active, actionable offers in their wallet

Beta launch

Currently, the API provides listings, offers, bids, and floor prices from OpenSea starting from December 1st forward. We are working to bring data from all the leading marketplaces to this API including LooksRare, SuperRare, X2Y2, NFTx, LarvaLabs, Coinbase, Foundation, Rarible, GenieSwap, and GemSwap and are counting on feedback from our builders to help us improve as we build the most comprehensive cross-marketplace API.

The new endpoints available in the beta launch are available for both Polygon and Ethereum and include:

To demonstrate just how easy it is to get all active offers for a collection using the Get Offers endpoint, here's an example query:

Cross-marketplace NFT activity made easy

There are an increasing number of marketplaces out there, each of which has a different approach to recording listings and offers (some is on-chain, some is off-chain), different ways of accessing the data, and various limitations on getting the data (i.e. QPS limits). Given this, it’s increasingly difficult to create a comprehensive view of a given NFT or collection’s listings, bids, offers, and floor prices across the vast landscape of marketplaces they may be on.

Additional complexities include handling collection offers (an offer on any NFT in a collection), trait-bound collection offers, ERC 1155 listings and offers, bundle offers and listings, and managing events that can cause listings and offer to expire (such as a sale).

We’ve solved for the various challenges and complexities above, so you don’t have to. 

Getting started with the Marketplace API

We are committed to bringing you a comprehensive dataset on marketplace activity across the top marketplaces, so you can bring powerful, context-rich experiences to your users with ease. 

You can start exploring and integrating with the Marketplace Intelligence API today. All you need to start building is a Mnemonic API key! We are eager to hear from you any feedback on our Marketplace API beta so we can continue to improve.

We can’t wait to see what you build.