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Mnemonic Attribution Guidelines

As part of our Terms of Service developers, clients, customers, and partners leveraging Mnemonic’s data and/or API are required to include attribution to Mnemonic in the form of a Powered by Mnemonic badge linking to within their application unless an exception is requested and agreed upon by Mnemonic in writing. Below you’ll find guidelines for styling and placing the Powered by Mnemonic attribution badge anywhere Mnemonic data is in use, including but not limited to websites, mobile applications, hardware devices with user interfaces, and printed materials. Whenever possible, badges should be displayed within the same context where Mnemonic data is shown (i.e. same screen or page). When doing so is not possible, you may elect to place the badge on another page or screen that is easily discoverable from the main navigation.

Attribution badge styles

Badges are available in three color schemes, blue, black, and white. Below are guidelines for selecting an appropriate badge for your application. Please use the same badge consistently across all pages and screens where a badge is required.

Blue Badge

Black Badge

White Badge

Attribute badge placement

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